Capstone Brainstorming

There are a lot of passionate things  I am involved in, one of the ideas would making sure every pregnant woman is informed on what she is going through. I admire women who go through pregnancy because it is a difficult stage of their life and could be risky. Anything could go wrong and could cause their life or their unborn child. I enjoy, talking to other mothers about the changes in their body and how their life changes. It’s a topic that a lot of women understand and like to relate to each other because every pregnancy is different.


There is a lot of problems in our society related to young mothers-to-be who are not aware of risks that could be taken place within their pregnancy. These younger ladies, do not have the experience and are not prepared with enough information about their health and babys health. They are not aware of how to eat healthily and how to take care of themselves. There is minimize information and should know more about what is going on throughout their pregnancy.

My passion for the idea of informing and advising women about pregnancy and problems with younger women could come together as a step toward informing doctors with these concerns. This would bring a connection with more patients being involved in their health and doctors having an idea in women’s health records and how to provide better care. This could open up doors for young or older women to have better communication with their doctors and not be afraid for a discussion and be more comfortable about their care.


  • My favorite holiday would be Christmas, the reason is that I like to spend time with my family and watch my cousins and siblings open their present. I like the fact that after having a busy week or a busy day, at night we go over to one of my aunt’s house and enjoy ourselves.  I also, enjoy cooking with my mom and helping her prepare some dinner for later at night. I  get very excited to go over to my aunt’s house and be able to eat the food they cooked. I, in general, get happy with the food, but when it comes to my favorite food, I get more excited and feeling good inside.  For example, we usually have tamales, posole, ponche ( fruit, hot, punch), molotes, hot chocolate with sweet bread, tostadas, pork, salad, hot soup. These are the typical food that we as Hispanic culture eat, our gathering is usually from December 24-25. This is the reason why I really enjoy Christmas because of the get together with my family.

Science ⛎🔬

An article I found is about a new genetic that causes birth defects, this article is about a scientist who researches in McGill University of a health centre. They have discovered three genes responsible for recurrent molar pregnancies, and have a rare complication when a non-viable pregnancy interferes with a no embryo implant in the uterus. This results, in a fetal loss and is little known of the genetic cause. It happens between one in 600 pregnancies, and these occurrences happen because of maternal chromosomes. These are due to an imbalance in the number of chromosomes both mother and father produce. This then causes a placental tissue grows abnormally and forms a tumour. The researchers are investigating to produce an understanding of how these pregnancies occur without maternal chromosomes. This article interested me because I want to understand the process,  of why a fetal loss occurs during a pregnancy and the steps in care that could help reduce the number of fetal loss and abnormalities.



1- I participated in 4 weeks of challenges

2- I did 6 posts in total

3- I had one comment

4- My favorite writing was the Heros around me because I got to write about my parents.

5- I will continue posting and doing the challenges with my class.

Between shades of gray 💼⏳

– This book is about a girl named Lina and her family who got taken away by the Soviet officers. They barge into her home and ask the family to gather everything they have and then get separated from her father. The family gets into a crowded train, with different passengers and are transported to a different location. Lina and her mother, and her younger brother Jonas make their way to a Siberian work camp, where they are forced to fight for their lives. My reaction to this book would be unacceptance to this lifestyle and disgust. The reason would be, for example, a mother named Ona had given birth at the moment the Soviet officers were arresting people and shoving them into the train. As soon as she delivered a baby, she was thrown inside a train without an explanation. Throughout the book, the baby dies because of malnourished. I felt disgusted, because of how the officers examined the women as they got undressed to take a shower and how one of the officers touched Lina’s breast.  An important scene would be when Lina gets out and tries to find her father, which she did and he gave up a valuable object for their survivor.

Heros Around Me

I admire a lot of people who are orbited around me but the couple who I admire and look up to are my guardian angels. These two people came into this world to make the best out of it and succeed in life. I call these people my mother and my father, they both have stood up for me and been by my side even when I thought the world has fallen down on me. The moments, I thought of ripping my head off and screaming to the ground because of where I have fallen into the big hole. I admire the way they hold my hand like if I was a little girl and push me through, like if we were at a park pushing me in a  swing. They stood behind me like when I was a little girl and I was taking my first steps, an appreciation for them and what they have done for me. They are my true heroes, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Examples of comments.

My First comment was to Olivia:

Hi Olivia, My name is Maria I saw that you have a personal blog and I think that is really cool. What is it like to run your own blog, and what type of blogs do you do?

My second comment was to Shelbey:

Hey Shelby, I am Maria and I saw your post. It is very interesting how you are studying about day and night. The post you made was it a poem related theme or just a quotation?

 My third comment was to Connor:

Hey Connor, My name is Maria and I was reading your story. I am sorry for your injury when you were younger. I have never injured my leg so I can not relate to you.


My interests are makeup, I have two children one named Sebastian and the other one is an unborn until February 9th. My goal is to finish high school and graduate and go to college. The field I want to study is the Medical field as a Midwife. That means, helping a woman give birth and be there for them for this special occasion. My favorite color is pink and my favorite hobbies are to go out and do activities with my son.